Run Time licenses are for running an application built with the Toolkit. A Toolkit license is required before purchasing Run Times.

If you are using an application from a third party, please add the name of the application (or of the company you are licensing from) in the notes section of your order.

Floating License. Distinct Visual Internet Run Time can be licensed on a per user basis, that is you need to purchase a license for each user, or under a floating license (that is on a concurrent user basis).

A floating license is a concurrent-usage license which is managed by a Floating License Manager (included in the Toolkit) that must be installed on a server. The Floating License Manager will allocate the license to the first system requesting it on the network. A floating license must be released by the user before it becomes available to another user.

For quotation for a particular project, please contact sales. letting us know which libraries you need to deploy and the estimated number of systems you will deploy on.

ISV unlimited deployment licences and site licenses are available. Your Distinct sales representative can help you determine which type of deployment license is applicable to your situation and quickly and easily quote a price for you based on your deployment variables, such as internal or external distribution, client or server deployment and estimated number of licenses. Contact us for more information..

Source Code can be licensed for most components.
When you have a project that requires customization, you may either request a custom development quotation or choose to license the source code to make your own modifications. Source code is licensed on a project basis. Contact us for more information.


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